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Run Run Baby (Vocal Version)

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Produced by 818 536 8742


Think I'm in for a ride
That girl is making such a fool of me
But I don't mind
Got nothing that I want
And everything I need
To start a new life
A new life on my knees
With my ass on the line
This may be salvation
Or the next disease

So Run Run Baby
Run Run my Baby
Run Run Baby
I ain't gonna let you go
Setting down the pieces of my mind
That don't mean a thing
Picking up some speed toward the horizon
I'll give you a head start!

Cause every once in a while
I get the urge to shed this foolish skin
Place my heart on a wire
And we can celebrate the mess we're in
Starting tonight
Baby, let's Run Run Run
Cause the house in on fire
And when the cops arrive
We'll be long gone

On your mark
Starting tonight
Together we'll Run Run Run!