Runaway Scotty – Lyrics to Rock My Heart 

Change Change Change

I’m gonna break it down

Got a fever in my blood and that’s what keeps it boiling

I’ll never come back down

Of my own free will

So I need you to keep me honest


Abandoning the crowd

Going under with hypnosis

That just can’t be trusted

I crashed onto the ground

Tried to fly away to heaven

But my wings are busted

Fly away to heaven but my wings are busted


Change Change Change

Ain’t always what you want to be

And I can’t see

What’s staring straight in front of me

And I don’t think there’s anybody out there now

Who can keep us from this


I’m melting with the ice

Finding gravity’s salvation

As I hit rock bottom

I’m swimming with the tide

And I know with every wave

I need to give up something


A stranger in this town

Got the strongest inclination

That I’m missing something

I’m lost in translation

No one’s hearing what I’m saying

While my lips are moving

Hearing what I’m saying [while my lips are moving]


My, oh, my

You’re drifting like a runaway

And don’t deny

Addiction to your yesterday

And I don’t think there’s anybody out there now

Who can keep us from this


Here we are

One step o’er the horizon

And we cry out, “we’re ready for this life!”

There ain’t no doubt about it

Here we are

Forward march, forget about the rearview

Now, we’re ready for this life

There ain’t no doubt about it


I’m dancing on the edge

Of redemption and destruction

Can you tell the difference?

This is the final test

There’s nothing to figure out

So, baby, keep on breathing


Pool of Love


Every day she calls my name

Every day is not the same, but I am wanted

As I live this life of sin

She breathes deep and pulls me in

Pulls me closer


She releases waters deep

I dive down beyond my reach

As we’re carried out to sea

As we’re carried out to sea …


Oh, oh, swimming in the pool of love, oh …


I declare my life complete

As I kneel to wash her feet

A celebration

As if I’ve taken my last breath

To commence a final rest

A revelation


Oh, oh, swimming in the pool of love, oh …


One is the love I dream beside

One is the love I can’t deny

All of the fears I cast aside as empty

Lose Control


I’ve been hangin’ onto you

Silent as it always was

Ten years and we fade to dust

Stranded on a one-way street


Tell yourself you can’t move on

Numb your words with alcohol

Touch me and I crumble down

Twisted on the razor’s edge


There’s a danger in the air

And the temperature explodes

Got a bullet in my heart

And a dagger in my soul


Just when you think you move ahead

And the ground begins to shake

Feet are pushed before the ledge

All pretenses fall away


My thoughts keep coming back to you

And the happy times we had

Without a care, without a clue

We’d never find out way again


It hurts to say that I was wrong

But it kills to hold these thoughts

If there ever was a time to spit it out

The time is now


Watch me as I lose control

Hold out, I will find my way


The road I pave is a trail of tears

A thief who gambles dreams away

Sleeping in a bed of fear

Broken promise is my name


The flood is seeping underground

The promise rising with the tide

Pulsing with the sweetest sound

Softer than a lullaby


Watch me as I lose control

Hold out, I will find my way

Watch me as I lose control

Clear the air and find my way


Keep on runnin’ …


When you stand before the grave

It’s too late to face regret

There’s no moment to replace

All the love you didn’t give


I want to kiss away the shame

And mend your broken heart

I will ravish all the tears

That tore us all apart


There’s a beacon up ahead

Take a look around

It’s the past and our mistakes

Burning to the ground


If you wanna rise above

A chance to save your soul

If it’s destiny you love

Then you got to lose control


Watch me as I lose control

Hold out, I will find my way

Watch me as I lose control

Clear the air and find my way


Keep on runnin’ …



If wrong is right and war is just

Red is the color of my dream

I twist the knife

I press it deep

But you cannot hear me scream

From the ledge I jump 1000 times

And no one knows


Become a man and serve your time

Someone tell me what that means

Forget your plans and follow mine

Spend a lifetime chasing kings

Shoot to kill and wipe your conscience clean

It's an easy day


Hello, hello

You’ve caught me at a bad time

Someone I meant to be

Is caught in a web of sweet ridicule and lies

So much for breaking free

Hello, hello

I can't seem to find my way

How far you headed north?

I'll sleep in the back

And try not to ruin all your day


And so I take my chances

As blood comes pouring from a raging sky

I wash away defenses

As the universe flies by

Life is an open grave

The devil saved it for someday

It don't matter, she don't stray

She says she loves me anyway


A friend in need is reaching out

And I turn away like sheep

It should be no big surprise

That I just can't go to sleep

Love and faith in me is least deserved

She gives it free


Her rhythm calls me in a trance

I will dance to her sweet drum

I beg for more

While the deepest ocean sinks into my lungs

And for the first time I can breathe anew

And so it is ...


And now we break through fences

And love comes rushing like a waterfall

We open up our senses

And surrender to the here and now

Love is an empty slate

I watch her paint it on my day

We don't worry and we don't wait

She says she loves me anyway


Stop, change, start

Are you alright?

Who me? I'm fine

I've had a silent change of heart

We both need someone to remind us who we are


She says she loves me anyway…

Rome Is Burning


Sinking like stone

Looking for a way out

Over my head

But won’t accept a bailout

In turbulent times

Play a little defense

Truth may unwind

Counter to common sense


If you want to play big

Then blow a bigger bubble

A government man

Spikes the juice in the punchbowl

Sugar is sweet

Cocaine is faster

Gravity’s late

Drink up, it don’t matter


Get in line

Do what they say

Watch your step

Have a nice day

But baby, you know right

So take a deep breath

This ain’t a bad dream

So move your head


Racing out of town

It looks like a fast train

No stops left, wheels keep turning

Boots on the ground

Best avoid the freeway

Don’t look back

Rome is burning


I made up my mind

Just before sunset

Never hold back

Never have regret

Water is wide

Destiny is fatter

Rock ain’t dead

So scream a little louder


If the elevator breaks, my baby

You get to sweat it out

If the water’s gonna rise above your head

Then drain it out

If the weatherman takes your mojo

You’d better steal it back

If you suck it all deep inside

You better let it out


You know the feeling!

Far Behind


In our past I stumbled on you

Called your name and bled upon you

You had changed my life

You opened my heart


One fine day I took and claimed you

I did hypnotize and tame you

In our wildest nights

I took every shot


And if loving you was easy, I’d be free

But now loving you is wholeness severed

Without the means to piece together

You are now an object of my fear

And we’re left without a happy ending

No forgiveness, no transcendence


In my life I have erased you

I have crucified and raped you

In my wildest dreams I have set you free

But the truth is much more haunting

Call my name and watch me falling

For now I declare, “you are everywhere”


And if loving you was vision I’d be blind

So I chased my dreams as now or never

To sell out to fairer weather

Doing so I left you far behind

And I frame the facts and circumstances

To cast aside all second chances


I see your face

I know your name

I am your pain


Reach out to me, you know that I need you

Reach out to me, you know I can see you

Reach out to me, you know that you show up everywhere


And if loving you was painful, that’s alright

We were blessed to spend the night together

You’re free to fly my world forever

Now I live to build and make things right

All those years I’ve taken you for granted

I will crush and break this pattern

You know I will always be here

You know I will always hang around


In my heart I’m always with you

And I sympathize and kiss you

Almost every night I pray you’re alright

In my house I choose to name you

And know no one can replace you so I hold you close

As I let you go



I left an old friend stranded on the side of the road and he’s alright

I placed a bomb in the kitchen, it’s about to explode, but I’m alright

I got a dancer in the basement, she’s a live wire, and she’s alright

I made a prepaid arrangement with a gun for hire, but I’m alright


I met a female companion good enough for love

I get it three times a night, but it is never enough

I found my heart in the freezer, I’m still thawing out

I hear my family screaming at me, “We can work it out”


I found my faith in a circle singing Kum-ba-ya, am I alright?

I pack my things in a hurry just to stand in line for some good advice

I play my dues for the drunks at the local bar and it’s alright

I am the first to deserve the right to free my mind, come on back tonight


I’d love to watch you endure the shit you put me through

I am the first to admit I am a mirror of you

Your breath has taught me who you love and who you take to bed

Your hair is growing as the garden wrapped within my head


Oh, we’re taking everything …

Oh, we’re taking everything so seriously

We’re taking everything

Oh, we’re taking everything so seriously

Seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously


I left at dinnertime and swore there was no turning back, I feel good tonight

Strapped to a polygraph to make sure I admit my dreams, don’t turn back tonight

Once in a coma and alone, now I’ve a master plan and it’s alright

Once a devil, now a halo, catch me if you can, do it quick tonight


There’s a woman on the corner asking me for change

I said change will come whether or not I walk away

If you look me in the eyes and tell me who you are

Then I’ll undress you in a minute and make you a star

The Circle


Buried in the center of the universe

Sleeping deeply, drugged and faded

Too weak to speak, too dumb to die

Too numb to reason truth or lies

It’s not a lot

Today it’s all I got


Love is wasted, grey and reckless

Truth is a light that burns through promises

Love sends a dove to fly through fire and free me from every place I hide

But I turn away and run fast as I can


Rock my heart until it ruptures

Show me I can still love

Teach me life is not as hard as I once thought it was

Thank you for the hundredth chance

Marry me, it’s all I have

We will beat this in the end

We will beat this in the end


What you want and who you love’s a reflection

Of a seed planted years ago

By those just as clueless

Thinking thoughts just as useless

Who never found the words to heal this before


My world is a landfill, yet still I cannot bury you

My soul is a junkyard, but your presence shines anew

The circle brings us face to face

The circle weaves a sacred space

How you own it is why I’ll never leave


Rock my heart until it ruptures

Show me I can still love

Teach me life is not as hard as I once thought it was

Thank you for the hundredth chance

Marry me, it’s all I have

Marry me, it’s all I have

We will beat this in the end

Follow You Home


Out of the clouds, into the street

Like a stray dog, I chase at your feet

Baby, I don’t mind

Baby, I don’t mind


Caught in a dry spell that lasts half a lifetime

Can’t even tell I’m still alive

Baby, I don’t mind

Baby, I don’t mind


Warm November beginning

Swinging on your pendulum

For a crazy ride

Holding fast to our decision

Learning life is even better on the outside

On the outside …


Pull me out of a hat

180 degrees

She says, “wait and see,

What would you give for a piece of me?

For a piece of me?”


True meaning exists in one dimension

Set myself up for harsher criticism

Baby, don’t back down


It was the best I had to give

It wasn’t good enough

The greatest failure of a lifetime

Is failing to give up on love


I will follow you home to the ends of the earth

Will you meet me there?

(repeat x 4)

I’m heartbreak wasted insane


Music when I’m falling

Laughter when I’m low

Nervous breakthrough

You can cut me when I’m down

On the worst day of my life

I get to love you


Dreamed a little dream a long time ago

Made a little wish and baby, don’t you know?

Baby, don’t you know?

Made a big move a few years ago

Plant a little seed and baby, watch it grow

Baby, watch it grow

Long Way From Home


I’ve got a feeling this could end quite badly

I have the sense that life is overhead

Warm earth and four walls surround me

Migraine if only in my bed


I fall asleep with my eyes wide open

Nothing to see, but I can’t keep them closed

Forbidden fruit brings the worst insomnia

Promises sucked down by the undertow


Slow down, love’s your hideaway

She writes your ticket to all the world

Bow down, thieves and runaways

She gives a blessing to every boy and girl


If love is the answer, I have just one question

How do you mend a heart that wants to break?

Crack me right open and make me your prisoner

Bleed out the apathy with pain


For every shadow is a light to guide us

In every winter lies a spring ahead

I may have stumbled, but there’s fight in my blood

Heartbeat is faint, but baby, I ain’t dead


And I’ve been so long without you

We were young and on our own

Every part of me knows that breaking free

Is an art in letting go


I have held too many secrets

Here’s the one that you should know

I’ll be always true now my heart’s returned

From a long long way…

A long long way from home


Look to the east and you will always find me

Follow the sea, my soul is underway

Our vows renewed and history behind us

Farewell never felt so free


Living without you, a long long way from home …

Show Me The Way To Heaven


I was searching for a reason

To come out of this crazy shell

I was hunted, but out of season

Looking for someone to cast a spell

I was hungry, I was dirty

I’d forgotten how to care

I was reckless

But without warning

I woke up and found myself


I said, “I’m alive”

Could you show me the way to heaven?


Forget the old me for a moment

Could you be here in the now?

And get to know me?

We’re starting over

We are breaking the old walls down

I was hoping that I could show you

The you I can see in myself

And I was hoping that I could hold you

So we’d remember how it felt


Hold the line and show me the way to heaven


I waste my life away, waste my life away

Holding this regret

I’ve burned my eyes away, there’s nothing left

So all I want to know is “which way to heaven?”


Because for a moment I thought I’d lost you

I’m so glad we’re not apart

Don’t be afraid now

Don’t ask a question

Don’t forget the truth you are


Hold the line and show me the way to heaven